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Cassidy walks us through her career and gives us insight on choosing jobs, quitting them, and focusing on what's important to you. We also discuss keeping track of her many ideas, teaching workshops at React Training, why Amazon was a poor fit, and much more.

Show Notes

Cassidy is a developer and instructor at React Training and the Director of Outreach at cKeys, a Seattle based organization that promotes learning electronics through mechanical keyboards.  She previously worked at Amazon, CodePen, L4 Digital, Clarifai, and Venmo.  However, she's probably best known for promoting diversity in tech, creating cool mechanical keyboards, and making memes.

Personal Website

Current Work
React Training

Follow your dreams (literally): How I designed and launched the Official Scrabble Keyboard
Astrolokeys (Collaboration with Amy Wibowo)

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  • [00:36] Organizing and completing side projects
  • [05:08] Choosing and quitting jobs
  • [09:03] Joining React Training
  • [12:31] Why Amazon was a poor fit and figuring out what's important
  • [17:46] Leaving a company with a smooth transition
  • [20:38] Sharing knowledge with your team
  • [22:39] Working at an agency and asking the right questions
  • [29:56] Teaching and learning React
  • [38:29] How to start teaching and conference speaking

What is Software Sessions?

Practical conversations about software development.