The Hauntline: SoCal Haunts & Events

In this sequel to Episode 1 of the show, we discuss: what's new at Knott's Scary Farm, Sinister Pointe's MIST, The 17th Door's FEARLESS, and more! Call our voicemail line to let us know what you're most excited for this season! (714) 455-9616

What is The Hauntline: SoCal Haunts & Events ?

Do you love being terrorized by creatures lurking in dark corners? Do you go head first into the night while others cower behind you? Then you'll love THE HAUNTLINE! Reviewing SoCal's Haunts and Haunt Events. Haunt Rumors, Maze Reviews, Behind the Scenes Interviews! We discuss it all! Call The Hauntline and leave us a voicemail with your reviews! (714) 455-9616