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What happened with Wayfair, Kanye West might be losing his mind, What's Trending con Moka Laguna and a Vatican Update with Bibi Lopez.

Padre Pio Letter:
"En todos los eventos de la vida, reconoce la voluntad divina de Dios, adórala, bendícela. No desees liberarte de las cosas que son difíciles para ti y, en particular, de las que son más difíciles. En cambio, eleva tu mente aún más al divino Padre y dile: “Mi vida, como mi muerte, está en tus manos. Haz conmigo lo que más te agrade."

"In all of life’s events, recognize God’s divine will, adore it, bless it. Do not be eager to free yourself from the things that are hard for you and particularly the things that are the hardest. Instead lift up your mind even more to the divine Father and tell him, “My life, like my death, is in your hands. Do with me what is most pleasing to you."

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