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Are you wondering what to read over the holiday period? In our ‘Book Talk’ series, our experts discuss their latest book projects and why you should read them. In this episode, USSC CEO Dr Michael J. Green sheds light on the evolution of Japan’s grand strategy. 

How is Abe’s strategic approach to the Indo-Pacific reflected in Japan, Australia and the United States today? What lessons can be learned from Abe’s approach to China and the Trump administration? Why is the relationship between Australia and Japan deepening? How might strategic competition end? 
Dr Green’s 2022 book, Line of Advantage: Japan’s Grand Strategy in the Era of Abe Shinzō, draws from Mike’s long-standing connection with the former Prime Minister and provides a unique political and historical context of Japan’s security policy and the role of US alliances in the Indo Pacific. 
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Produced by Elliott Brennan

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