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Samar Owais talks about easy ways to add value and win over clients, and why curiosity and expanding your network are keys to accelerating growth.

Show Notes

Today’s co-host is Samar Owais, email conversion strategist and copywriter for SaaS and e-commerce brands. Alongside helping brands increase conversations and boost sales through email marketing, Samar developed a course, eCommerce Email Boostcamp, for aspiring email professionals. 

When her husband’s office relocated and they made the hard decision to move, Samar suddenly had time to take her freelance business full-time. She dove into online copywriting courses and quickly discovered her passion for email marketing. 

Samar attributes her success to an innate curiosity and her vast professional network. A lover of learning, she’s an avid course-taker and leans on her freelance community for new leads and writing wisdom. She also took early advice and became her first client, writing copy and sales materials for her own business early on. 

In this episode, Samar talks about easy ways to add value and win over clients, and why curiosity and expanding your network are keys to accelerating growth.

“I’ve always felt that communities can make or break your business. And if you can help somebody, start with that. Because we all know something or someone that we can help.” ~ @samarowais

Main Takeaways
  • When running an A/B test, ask your audience directly: what made you click on this email? The best research comes straight from the source. 
  • Curiosity is key to expansion. Always ask why things are done a certain way and don’t be afraid to challenge the status quo. 
  • Look to expand your network. Your network will help you find leads, vet clients, and guide you in the right professional direction. 
  • No matter your client or industry, focus on adding value first. Adding value can be anything from sending an article, review, or teardown. The more you can add value, the more you’ll stay top of mind for potential clients. 

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