Big Sky Documentary Film Festival

When two young American Jews raised to unconditionally love Israel witness the mistreatment of Palestinians, they battle the old guard to create a new movement opposing Israel’s occupation, and recentering Judaism itself. That's the story of Israelism, which makes its world premiere Thursday at the Big Sky Documentary Film Festival. Filmmakers Eric Axelman and Sam Eilertsen visited the Trail 103.3 studios to discuss the film.

What is Big Sky Documentary Film Festival?

Now in its 21st year, the Big Sky Documentary Film Festival is the premier venue for non-fiction film in the American West. Every year, the festival brings over a hundred beautifully-crafted, thought-provoking documentary films to Missoula, Montana. This podcast, a collaboration between the Big Sky Documentary Film Festival and the Missoula Broadcasting Company, gives you the chance to hear directly from filmmakers, gaining insight into what drew them to their subjects and the behind-the-scenes stories of their films.