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In this episode, Bobby, the Chief Revenue Officer at Shopify, discusses the company's growth and positioning in the enterprise commerce market. He shares his career journey and highlights the strategy behind Shopify's foray into the enterprise space. Bobby explains Shopify's architecture and offering, including the concept of composable commerce. He also discusses the top reasons why enterprises choose Shopify, such as performance, total cost of ownership, and innovation. 
Bobby sheds light on Shopify’s ease of use, as an important criteria for its enterprise clients, that enables marketing and operational agility; its significantly lower total cost of ownership for enterprises because of its competitive pricing and efficient implementation. 
The conversation concludes with a focus on Shop Pay and its impact on performance, as well as other components of Shopify’s enterprise commerce stack.  Bobby discusses how Shopify’s customers are driving performance, scalability, and extending Shopify’s back-office capabilities. 
Bobby spoke about Shopify’s ‘Leader’ status in a recently published 2024 IDC MarketScape: Worldwide B2C Digital Commerce Platforms. According to the report, “Shopify will be particularly attractive to buyers looking for a multitenant SaaS digital commerce platform with a proven track record in DTC, a vast 3P ecosystem, low TCO, and built-in payments.”
IDC defines Midmarket as enterprises with $100M to $500M or more in revenue.
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Kunle Campbell
Host of the 2X eCommerce Podcast and Co-Founder at OCTILLION
Bobby Morrison

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