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Who will be the next rubber band person?

Show Notes

The first winter storm of the season has hit the midwest and Jacob is making the most of it. Mike is applying protective wax to his pup's paws.

There is follow-up on last week's podcasting conversation detailing how to keep yourself and your cohosts accountable for your show. Schedule aggressively.

The big conversation this evening is scrubbing your past. Specifically, cleaning out the Twitter junk left behind by an older you. It's an introspective and nasty affair. So is the task of world waste. Also, dog poo bags are terrible.

Speaking of trash, Jacob has returned to Survivor and dragged his partner down with him. The Comite household has similar disgusting vices.

The Stereo Confidential podcast (formerly Modern Vinyl) can be found here. Good luck guys!

There is spoiler-free talk of Escape at Dannemora, with more to come when Jake finishes the show.

What is Podchasm?

A weekly conversation between creative knobs Jacob Tender and Mike Comite.