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Welcome to another episode of The Big Exit Show, where we delve deep into the heart-stopping world of entrepreneurship and the bittersweet symphony of company sales. We have an absolutely thrilled to have an exceptional entrepreneur, a visionary who turned a family legacy into an international sensation—Xaviera Plooij, the force behind The Wonder Weeks.

Xaviera's journey is nothing short of a rollercoaster, from rebranding her parents' book to creating a cutting-edge app that revolutionized parenting support worldwide. She's faced the challenges of a growing business head-on, learning to manage everything from print-on-demand hurdles to realizing when it was time to let go for the company to reach new heights. Xaviera will share the emotionally charged story of how her personal circumstances nudged her towards considering an acquisition and the swift, determined steps she took towards sealing the deal—all on her terms.

From understanding the value of pain in the growth process to embracing her competitive and intuitive edge, Xaviera's narrative is a remarkable testimony to the entrepreneurial spirit. So, listeners, buckle up as we dive into the high-stakes game of business acquisitions, uncovering the strategies, the emotional rollercoaster, and the wisdom that comes with selling your life's work. This is Selling The Wonder Weeks with Xaviera Plooij.

  We will talk about: 
  • 00:00 Innovative, competitive, and intuitive businesswoman excels.
  • 06:24 Rebranded, inspired by TED, launched early App.
  • 07:32 Early success with first phones, app's global impact.
  • 12:09 Navigating between global perspectives and scientific evidence.
  • 15:56 Pain is the start of growth opportunity.
  • 20:14 Rebuilding Sevira, embracing femininity after exit.
  • 22:05 Early struggles shaped dream of better life.
  • 24:08 Dispute over collaboration and management decision-making.
  • 30:21 Competition over European author rights and publication.
  • 32:13 Success in print on demand and distribution.
  • 34:44 Surprising, but you create your destiny actively.
  • 38:29 Confidently pursuing my unique business vision and terms.
  • 41:12 Mobile app revenue estimated at 24 million.
  • 43:53 Assess carefully before selling your company.

Get to know Xaviera Plooij better:
Xaviera is a bestselling author, serial entrepreneur and professional bon vivant. Her big break was the app 'The Wonder Weeks' which was the world's best-selling app for 10 years in a row. As a strategy, she was on the advisory board of several multinationals. Her two P's: that of Pijn (it's nice, that's where you grow!) and Pipi (never lose the little child in you, that's where the creativity lies!) are her mottos. Nowadays she is committed to making the world more beautiful… with a sparkle of life!
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