Ann Rohmer speaks with University of Toronto bioethicist Kerry Bowman who discusses: • What was (and should have been) behind the decision to scrap the vaccine proof program. • Science based or politically motivated? • Dr. Moore says it has served its purpose • The good and the bad when it comes to this (dramatic) move. • Increased risk of transmission? • Comfort level of employees and patrons not knowing who is vaccinated. • The message this sends to anti-vaxxers and those who have never taken Covid seriously.

Tina Cortese is with CanadaHelps and the results of a new Ipsos poll that reveals Canadians’ concerns on rising inflation as well as the impact on charitable giving. We first saw a convergence between declining charitable giving and the emergence of higher inflation rates towards the end of 2021, placing Canada’s most vulnerable communities at risk. With poll insights revealing that 26% of Canadians may soon need the support of charitable services to meet basic needs, up from 11% due to the pandemic and increased inflation, this is a concerning issue.

Kevin Frankish speaks with Teresa Di Felice, Assistant Vice President, Government and Community Relations for CAA SCO (South Central Ontario) as they discuss the CAA Speed Campaign that looks into the following:
• WHO: Young male drivers are more likely to admit to, or have been charged with speeding and stunt driving.
• WHAT: Speeding is one of the leading causes of collisions in Ontario.
• WHEN: While speeding is a road safety concern year-round, the warmer months see an increase in speeding related fatal collisions.
• WHY: Drivers who speed put themselves and other road users at risk and it';s vital that drivers curb their impulse to speed or drive dangerously.
• HOW: CAA is reminding motorist to be considerate of their speed and drive according to speed limits, especially when in community safety zones and residential areas, these are the neighbourhoods where our families live and play.

Ann Rohmer has her February update with the City of Vaughan Mayor Bevilacqua.

Jim Lang speaks with a participant in next week’s overnight fundraiser for 360Kids.

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