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This episode originally aired on November 15, 2021: This week, we’re speaking with an outreach and science communication professional to learn about a variety of strategies and mediums for effectively communicating energy research beyond the academy, to a wider audience of policymakers, energy practitioners, communities and members of the public, and other academics. Dr. Valerie Miller is the Outreach and Engagement Coordinator for the University of Alberta research group, Future Energy Systems. Valerie shares how energy communication is creating common ground between researchers and building connections between people and the energy systems we are a part of.
This episode features an excerpt of the first book in Future Energy Systems children’s book series, The Energy Adventures of Tommy and Remi, The Mystery of the Glowing Light, available at the Edmonton Public Library. The book was written by Valerie Miller with illustrations by Kaitlyn Pylypa. Dr. Zhongyi Quan was the Technical Advisor and the book was edited by Catherine Tays and Kenneth Tam.
Check out the Future Energy Systems website for upcoming events and featured research, and keep up with the outreach initiatives on the Future Energy Systems Youtube Channel.

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