Web Masters

Jacob Lodwick shares the story of creating Vimeo, the original YouTube competitor and now the world's most popular paid video sharing platform.

Show Notes

Video streaming is a relatively recent addition to the Web. That shouldn’t surprise anyone with even a cursory knowledge of how the Internet works. Compared with things like text and images, the storage and bandwidth required for online video is obviously significantly higher, and it took a while for the Internet’s infrastructure to be able to handle the larger data loads.

But storage and bandwidth limitations weren’t the only issues. Digital video recording devices are also relatively new. Sure, just about everyone reading this article can easily pull out a phone and start filming high definition video within seconds, but, less than 20 years ago, that wasn’t the case for all but a relatively few video enthusiasts.

One of those enthusiasts was Jacob Lodwick, founder of Vimeo. He’d just graduated college on the East Coast and was heading to San Diego to work on a different startup, and one of his close friends asked him to share updates about life on the West Coast. He decided to share those updates using video, inadvertently helping create the online video sharing industry.

In this Web Masters episode, you'll learn about the origins of online video sharing, the relationship between Vimeo and YouTube, as well as how the platforms grew into having different audiences and purposes.

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