Wild User Interviews Podcast (Wuipod)

PlayEmber is a mobile games studio with over 100 million downloads. 

PlayEmber is making web3 easy & rewarding for players, developers & creators. Their web3 team are building the infrastructure and games to mass onboard web2 games into web3. they are already Top20 Blockchain Game and still in private beta.

On this wide ranging conversation with PlayEmber cofounders Jon and Hugo, we cover:

* On being a data driven organisation: how games are born and killed.
* Games as art of commodities? Balancing the creative nature of creating a game (Passion project) with the commercial realities of running a business.
* Inception: choosing to build a web2 to web3 onboarding engine that leverages their existing games over a fully web3 native game.
* Different typed of games and what it takes to build them (cost, demographics, game design).
* How the sausage is made: ad-revenue, and other privacy considerations when deploying on-chain.
* A vision to grow the NEAR ecosystem: 
* And more!

PlayEmber Website - https://playember.com
Crystals of Naramunz - https://twitter.com/naramunz
NEAR Gaming DAO - https://twitter.com/NearGamesDAO
NEAR Foundation Q2 Transparency Report - https://near.org/blog/near-foundation-transparency-report-q2-2023
Ignas Defi - Endgame of NEAR Protocol (Blog Post about Data Availability) - https://www.ignasdefi.com/p/the-endgame-for-near-protocol-an

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What is Wild User Interviews Podcast (Wuipod)?

People, Product and Crypto.

Wild User Interviews is about open-sourcing open-ended conversations with the creative forces shaping up the decentralised world. In the wild, our guests range from Product Designers to Blockchain Architects, and include topics such as Philosophy and Proof-of-Stake. The common thread being our focus on the human side as he try to deconstruct the frameworks and processes to enable listeners to become the better version of themselves while venturing into the Metaverse.