Fired Before Christmas

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Jimmy J Tran is a dynamic individual who isn't taking being laid off lightly. He's an avid entrepreneur, civic leader, and FIRE advocate. Join us as we talk about his journey, his passions, and how he's bringing the Financial Independence Retire Early movement to the masses.

Show Notes

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Show Notes:
0:41 Jimmy J Tran Introduces himself
1:13 Jimmy talks about his LinkedIn Article "I Got laid off and I'm done sugar coating it!"
1:40 Jimmy talk about his Vietnamese roots
2:!5 Jimmy talks about his education
3:04 Jimmy talks about his early career in Strategy Consulting
4:50 Jimmy talks about Graduate School and moving to an in-house consulting role
4:42 Jimmy talks about getting laid off on April 30th
5:30 Jimmy talks about the significance of the date he got laid off in history
6:20 We talk about "doing more" and how that looks for Jimmy
9:30 Jimmy talks about how doing more has led to a pre-existing Plan-B
10:12 Financial Independence and the FIRE movement
15:40 Let's talk about the journey to reinvent yourself
18:15 Opening his first broker account at 16 years old
19:20 Following his dad around as he buys foreclosures
22:00 Talking about mentorship and people who have inspired Jimmy
23:30 It's Not just big icons, but also the people who are around me
24:10 How would you guide and advise someone just starting to go down the FIRE path?
25:55 Compounding interest is the 8th wonder of the world
28:08 Talking about the lack of financial education in the US Education system
29:21 Does anyone out there have financial literacy figured out?
31:14 What's next for Jimmy? What are your next steps?
31:32 Highest and Best Use for my time and family life
32:33 Investing and growing his investment company Oaklawn Investments LLC
33:13 Starting a small business via franchise license for Code Ninja
34:03 Civic Involvement is also a big driver
34:28 A key observation Jimmy make around FIRE opportunities
35:38 Talking about the risk of entrepreneurship or going out and trying something new.
36:08 Don't put all your eggs in one basket
36:55 What was the last thing Jimmy bought on Amazon?
37:23 Getting a hold of Jimmy
38:18 Closing

What is Fired Before Christmas?

Fired Before Christmas is a podcast focused on job seekers, namely the unemployed. We do weekly interviews with people looking for work or people who can help those currently seeking employment. Each interview is an opportunity for our guests to share their stories with our audience, provide insights, and encourage others as they go through their own journey. Each interview is an opportunity for our listeners to discover new talent, or learn about new ideas or tricks that people are utilizing in their job search efforts.

Our goal is to humanize the hiring experience by bringing a voice to those looking for work!