• Ann Rohmer speaks with Colin Furness - Infection-control epidemiologist and an assistant professor at the University of Toronto to get his take on the Moderna vaccine for the “wee little ones”; booster hesitancy; and the latest on this summer wave

• Ann Rohmer is with Tim Hudak – CEO of the Ontario Real Estate Association. They discuss finding solutions to increase housing supply

• Kevin Frankish talks with Joanne Russo of Russo Corp in Aurora; a hands-on boutique style firm that specializes in Corporate and Consumer restructuring and bankruptcy, offering support and services to individuals and businesses with debt problems. Insolvency management and self care are not two topics you often hear mentioned in the same sentence. Chat to promote SELF CARE DAY on Sunday

• Lianne Castelino the host of Where Parents Talk chats with Corby-Sue Neumann, Director of Culinary at HelloFresh Canada. Discusses cost-effective meal-planning and grocery shopping tips during rising inflation and strategies to empower kids to cook for themselves while living away from home.

• Ann Rohmer with her monthly chat with City of Vaughan Mayor Maurizio Bevilacqua. This will be his last one as he is not seeking re-election this fall

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