Make Stuff Club

There are some incredible benefits of being a creator and putting things out into the world. There are also hidden challenges that often go by beneath the surface.

Jesse and Levi unpack the struggles of facing those challenges head-on at the end of every year, and what it feels like to disappoint yourself over and over. They also explore the challenge of loving oneself and the unhealthy cycle of getting to the end of the year and feeling like they haven't done enough or accomplished what they wanted to.

They also talk about how to navigate creating content, particularly in the noisy world of YouTube, and the importance of overcoming initial technical obstacles in order to focus on creating more engaging content.

What is Make Stuff Club?

The show for dysfunctional creatives. We are trying to explore what living with ADHD is like, while attempting week by week to create work we love. The creator experience can be incredibly lonely. We want the dysfunctional to feel like they aren't alone in this journey.

In surprisingly candid, wildly unprofessional, and desperately trying-to-be consistent episodes.

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