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In July, the Wisconsin DNR and Secretary-designee Preston Cole hosted wildlife experts from several Midwest states to collaborate on how to slow the spread of Chronic Wasting Disease (CWD), a deadly nervous system disease which affects deer, moose and elk. The DNR began tracking the disease in 1999. When we say every sample counts, we mean it. Since 2002, the DNR has processed more than 220,000 samples from hunters across the state. Research is ongoing, and it could change the way the disease is managed around the globe.

To learn more about that research and how it may impact the future of deer and deer hunting in Wisconsin, we sat down with Tami Ryan, the DNR’s acting director of the Bureau of Wildlife Management and Dan Storm, DNR’s Elk and Deer Research Scientist. Six active research projects are underway in the department related to CWD, the largest one being the Southwest Wisconsin CWD, Deer and Predator study, which is focusing on the potential impact of CWD on deer survival and deer population growth in southwest Wisconsin. Early implications from the study are not surprising, but are notable, nevertheless. Listen in to the latest episode of Wild Wisconsin: Off the Record for more on the efforts on the work being done to protect the deer herd.

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