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Quote of the Episode - Apprenticeship without reflection is simply regurgitation

Show Notes

Episode 24 – Sally and Chad - #1
Apprenticeship without reflection is simply a regurgitation
Competency-Based Outcomes / Situated Learning / Constructionism…
00:00 – 17:45
a.     What are the tenets of both?
b.     How can we begin applying these K-12 theories to PSE (post-secondary ed) especially with Vocational Trades Ed?
c.     How might a constructivist view the apprenticeship model?
d.     How can Trades Faculty build a successful course through a constructivism perspective?
Vygotsky – Learning Theory
Behaviourism Theory – 
Kiran Egan – 
Social Constructionism - 
18:00 – 34:04
Experiential Learning as Discovery Learning
Apprenticeship and Experiential Learning
What does this person for the next 2,5,10 years?
Using the Innovative Lens
Providing Context for the Learner and Breaking the Rules
How do we build our course based on these lenses?
Think Know Do Understand (Head-Heart-Hands) 
Learn by Doing – 4H Club of Canada
John Dewey – Learning Through Doing
Allan McKinnon - Apprenticeship without reflection is simply regurgitation
34:23 – 56:00
Backwards Design – start with the outcomes and work towards the end
Authentic Assessments – assessments that reflect actual learning – not regurgitated learning
Deconstructing the approach, because our apprentices do not live in a linear world.
How do we teach Trades instructors to enact this model?
Develop a Thinking Pedagogy – not a Dump and Run Pedagogy
Value of Trades Education as Education
COVID induced conversation re: pedagogy in the trades
Description of Authentic Assessment – from a Culinary perspective
Not Just a Disruption but a Whole New Construction
The need for teamwork and a collective approach to the rebuild
Interdisciplinary Approach to Trades (Radical Revolution for Trades Education)

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What is praxispedagogy podcast?

Praxis pedagogy exists to promote those who are honing their craft as educators. Life is an apprenticeship and we want to support a rising guild of educators across all disciplines and backgrounds who wish to center their praxis and their pedagogy on what really matters.