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Anthony Deighton is a poster child for what it means to be a leader. He became a leader of the ERM product line at Siebel early on in his career and then at Qlik he took on various leadership roles in product and marketing taking the small unknown Swedish startup from a few persons to a global, public analytics leader.

Personally, I have known and admired many things about Anthony since our time at Siebel, but what really stood out to me is his ability to lead with vision and compassion and his incredible capacity to gain respect from people regardless of their seniority, role, or function. In this episode, he talks about what it means to be a leader and how it differs from being a manager.

Show Notes

  • [2:25] - What is leadership and how does it differ from management?
  • [5:29] - How did you influence and get support for your ideas at Siebel where you were responsible for a product that made insignificant revenues compared to CRM, their flagship product?
  • [12:02] - What is important - leadership or management for a founder?
  • [16:25] - What is your philosophy on hiring and how do you hire for talent and cultural fit?
  • [21:15] - You joined Qlik when it was a small unknown Swedish company and took it from that to a public company.  Talk me through your journey there and how you evolved as a leader at different stages of the company.
  • [32:20] - Having worked in different geos, is there a different leadership style in Europe vs America for example?
  • [34:56] - What differentiates good leaders from bad leaders when it comes to performance management and nurturing talent?
  • [38:30] - What advice on leadership would you give to entrepreneurs who are dealing with different needs of employees, customers, and businesses because of the pandemic?
  • [40:28] - What advice would you give to your younger self on leadership?

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