Market Pulse

In part three of the Consumer Stress series from the Equifax Risk Advisory team, our experts discuss the impact of the economic and credit environment on consumer holiday spending. They cover various angles, including economic uncertainties, the transition from physical to online stores, the U.S. economic outlook, highlights of the holiday spending outlook, consumer financial options, and the international economic outlook. 
In this episode:
  • Connections between consumer stress and sales
  • Economic uncertainties and transition to online shopping 
  • Highlights of the holiday spending outlook
  • Consumer financial options, including BNPL
  • Considering the international economic outlook
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What is Market Pulse?

Market Pulse is a monthly podcast by Equifax, in partnership with Moody’s Analytics. Equifax hosts bring you interviews with industry experts on the latest economic and credit insights that can help drive better business decisions. Whether you’re in financial, mortgage, auto or another service industry, we help make sense of the latest economic conditions that impact you. This podcast series supplements our Market Pulse webinars, which occur on the first Thursday of each month.