The Way

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If you read church news or online blogs, it’s easy to get disillusioned: there’s so much bad news.

Combine this with a bad experience with Christians or a church and it’s no wonder that over 50% of Americans no longer affiliate with a Christian denomination.

After all, the church seems to have proven itself to be full of hypocrisy and self-aggrandizing.

But, did you know that the criticism leveled against the modern church were first leveled against us by the Bible?

The readings from these past few Sundays serve as a warning for us today that we have to walk the Way or else we’ll become just like the religious authorities of Jesus’s day who turned the Temple into a den of thieves.

The Bottom Line: The Good News is that even when institutions go bad, the message of Christ’s resurrection still breaks out!

What is The Way?

Fr. Dustin Lyon explores scripture to rediscover Christianity so that we can walk in the Way of the Lord.