Weird Brunch

Recorded on 5/28/22 - Sleeping Booty, Nathan Smith, Texas treasure, Ines de Castro, Corpse Coronation, Janice Trahan, Richard Schmidt

Show Notes

This episode brought to you by Evelyn's Creek Water.

Whitney's up a creek with a couple Californians searching for sunken treasure along the Texas Gulf Coast.

Lisa raises the dead with the corpse coronation of Ines de Castro.

Hayly discovers the new record for the world's biggest piece of shit, Richard Schmidt, who attempted to murder his ex-girlfriend, Janice Trahan.

(Note: this was recorded on May 28, 2022 & it took me forever to edit. SORRY. Also, that's why there's a few references to "current" events that now seem less than current.)

What is Weird Brunch?

Whitney LeMond, Lisa Friedrich, and Carina Magyar get together, get tipsy, and tell each other the craziest stories they can find.

Artwork by Grace Svoboda. Theme music by Arielle LaGuette.