The DC Beer Show

With Mike and Jake out, Brandy leads this episode with Jordan and guest hosts Richard Fawal and Matt Splain. They cover upcoming events, the latest Snallygaster reports, and the news about InBev selling off its craft beer portfolio.

Then Brandy speaks with Alex Lynch, founder of Mieza Blendery in Alexandria, Virginia, about his unique approach and exclusive focus on fruited sours.

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Creators & Guests

Brandy Holder
This southern girl got a late start in the beer world, but with such a bold and intoxicating personality behind the name, booze was destined to be a part of her endeavors.
Jordan Harvey
As a born and raised Georgian, lover of music, and HBCU advocate, Jordan’s affinity for craft beer kicked off after being exposed to the craft beer scene in Pennsylvania and the legendary beer scene in Europe.
Richard Fawal
President of DC Beer Media LLC and Publisher of and The DC Beer Show

What is The DC Beer Show?

The official podcast of! This is a show about breweries: the business, the beer, the craftspeople who run them and the drinkers who love them. Join us as we speak with brewers, brewery owners, and all kinds of folks involved in the craft beer scene.