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Will the Scottish Tories break away from the UK party? Would the Scottish electorate buy into it? Can Boris Johnson survive Partygate? Why have these revelations cut through so deeply with the voters? Threats to the BBC. Should we care?

Show Notes

Douglas Ross and the Scottish Tories were quick to call for Boris Johnson's resignation in the light of recent Partygate revelations. Former Conservative MSP, Professor Adam Tomkins, has called for a separate Scottish party to stand in Holyrood and local elections while retaining the link with the UK party for Westminster. We pick apart this "intriguing" suggestion.
The No 10 parties seem to have cut through  as recent polls have shown, far more than crony contracts, lockdown delays, and any number of other issues. Just what is it about the unfolding stories of an "alcohol culture" at the heart of government that has touched the public so deeply?
Despite this groundswell of popular opinion there seems little appetite among Tory MPs, other than an odd minority of hard core Brexiteers and "wets", to call for Johnson to go. We go behind the public declarations of loyalty to try and analyse the internal party manoeuvring.
The Irish had their own Covid regulation breaking scandal, Golfgate. Heads rolled. Is First Past the Post to blame for Westminster political entropy in toppling the PM?
Like many of us we're instinctively opposed to anything that Nadine Dorries proposes. However, again like many of us, we're disquieted about the role of the BBC ,particularly in its stance on and coverage of Scottish politics dating back to Indyref1. Where then does that leave us with the current threats to BBC funding?

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