The MOVE Against Cancer Podcast

Gemma Hillier-Moses, Move Charity Founder, talks to Sophie and Shannon about their cancer journeys.

Sophie was 19, in her first year of university and had a chest infection she couldn’t shift. She went to her GP after the whites of her eyes started to turn yellow but “Didn’t think in a million years it would be cancer.”
Until she heard the words: “We think you’ve got leukaemia.”
Sophie started a 2 and a half year treatment plan with chemo nearly everyday putting her degree on hold.
She says she just “Went into autopilot” throughout the treatment. She has since had two relapses and has had more treatment including a stem cell transplant.

Shannon was diagnosed last year, in the middle of the pandemic with stage 2 breast cancer.
First of all she was told: “You’re too young, you’ve got nothing to worry about.”
Luckily, she persisted and went to have it checked out again and had the horrifying news that it was cancer and it had spread. Shannon has had chemotherapy, a mastectomy and radiotherapy treatment.

Show Notes

In this episode we discuss:
  • Who you are as a person before and after cancer. 
  • What is ‘normal’ through a cancer journey  
  • The importance of a support network
  • Talking to someone who ‘gets it’
  • The MOVE online programme 
  • Different life perspectives because of a cancer diagnosis
  • Treatment during a pandemic 
  • The long term side affects
  • Mindset and the importance of trying to stay positive
Sophie and Shannon speak so openly about their cancer journeys and you'll be left inspired and motivated by their positive mental attitude, resilience and drive to help others going through similar experiences. A huge thank you to both of these brilliant ladies for being our guests. 

What is The MOVE Against Cancer Podcast?

Welcome to the Move Against Cancer Podcast.

This podcast aspires to support and inspire people to move, exercise and live an active and fulfilling life despite a cancer diagnosis. We share the stories of ordinary people doing extraordinary things.

We know that many people are scared to stay active during cancer treatment. We know that for some, cancer can take away the hope that comes from dreaming of a future. And we know many people diagnosed with cancer feel isolated and lonely.

We hope that by sharing the stories of others finding their own way through cancer, the Move Against Cancer podcast will provide hope, support and a sense of empowerment to anyone living with or beyond cancer.

Unfortunately, cancer will affect everyone either personally or through our loved ones and so whatever position you are in we hope you will learn and be inspired by our podcast. Thank you so much for listening.