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What should men know about what women want? Comedian/Playwright Robert Dubac and the panel dig through layers of online mansplanation to uncover important universal truths about men and women.

Show Notes

What should men know about women? Comedian/Playwright Robert Dubac knows what they don’t know. He has traveled the world with his play, The Male Intellect: An Oxymoron and armed with this level of expertise we dig through layers of online mansplaination to uncover universal truths about human relationships. We uncover The Reply Guy, The Sealion, The Gaslighter, The Political Corrector, The Russian Bot and common trolls and creeps. Listen and learn with us. The panel includes Jamie Alcroft, Danny Mann, Ryan Tabb and host Louise Palanker.

What is Things I Found Online Podcast?

Premiere Radio Networks Founder Louise Palanker joins a panel of comedians to look at the ways in which we each look at the internet and the feedback loop that’s informing how we think and live. Regulars include Jamie Alcroft and Danny Mann.