Still Dead, an Angel podcast

We weren't thinking about you when you were here. Kelly and Lani finish up with Season 3 as they swoon over Lilah and Wesley and hate on Holtz in "Benediction" and "Tomorrow" (S3.21-22).

Show Notes

Show Notes:
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What is Still Dead, an Angel podcast?

In Still Dead, story expert Lani Diane Rich and southern fried scholar Dr. Kelly Jones host a new Angel podcast designed specifically for people who love Angel and want to ride through it again quickly, and people who bounce hard off of Angel. We'll designate which episodes are "Watchers" (ones you should actually watch) and which ones are "Not Watchers" (ones you can skip). We'll get you up to date on the goings on for the episodes you can skip, and we'll rave with you over the ones you should watch.