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In this June 26, 2020 episode of the Air Cargo World Weekly Wrap, editors discuss technology investments amid the COVID-19 pandemic and a change in the U.S. business of DHL.

Show Notes

This week, Air Cargo World published its second June feature story on digital payment platforms, how airlines and forwarders view this emerging technology, and how ongoing lawsuits between the major players in this space could affect the future of this corner of air cargo digitalization. Meanwhile, other areas of digitalization are doing well despite the COVID-19 pandemic, indicating a shift in industry thinking about the importance of investments in technology. In express news, DHL opened its first U.S. company-owned retail store.

What is On Air with Air Cargo World?

The On Air with Air Cargo World podcast explores air cargo operations and logistics. The podcast delves into topics such as air cargo integration into the logistics supply chain, new technologies and operational strategies, especially for freight forwarders. On Air with Air Cargo World is brought to you by Air Cargo World, the leading air cargo magazine.