Allison Dyjach interviews local musicians Kyle Krische from punk rock band Wayfarer, and indie-alternative artist Frankie Flowers. Broadcast live from Grand Trunk Saloon in Downtown Kitchener. 


Wayfarer is a rock band from Kitchener that formed in 2009. Their music is a perfect blend of early 2000’s emo and contemporary punk. They have been a staple of the KW punk rock scene over the years playing shows locally and touring across the province. In 2019 they released a full length album Reckless Spring to celebrate their 10 year anniversary as a band together. 

Frankie Flowers is a local genre bending artist heavily influenced by post-punk and 80’s dark wave. She has released 6 singles since 2020 and played shows in KW, Toronto, and Montreal. She will be playing a showcase at Canadian Music Week in Toronto on April 5th. 

Featuring music from Death Party Playground (The Count), A Short Walk to Pluto (Phantom Dream), and Frankie Flowers (SEROTONIN) 


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