This Isn’t Therapy

This Isn't Therapy... it's the long-overdue conversation about the crisis of connection and loneliness. In this episode, Jake and Simon talk about a recent study which captured the changes in the brain due to isolation and loneliness. They also discuss the finding that exposure to social experiences alone do not resolve the crisis of connection -- that is, exposing lonely individuals to more social relationships is not the way forward. They also talk about another funny finding about flamingos and how they choose their friendships and partners.

Article referenced:
1. How Loneliness Reshapes The Brain
2. Flamingos form friendship based on their personality

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What is This Isn’t Therapy?

This Isn’t Therapy... it's a podcast about it!
Therapy themes are everywhere you look— they’re in your relationships, in the culture, and yes, inside of you, Mary! Each week, Jake Ernst and Simon Paluck peel back the therapy curtain to discuss the very things people are talking to their therapists about. Anxiety. Boundaries. People Pleasing. Their narcissistic mother. No topic is off limits!

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