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After founding several businesses, Peter is now working on the Uber/Shopify for recurring service-based businesses. We discuss the importance of understanding user problems and the benefits of digital transformations in companies and industries. We also discuss the importance of communication in a relationship—from communication within an organization to communication with customers and users. 

Peter Wasmer
Peter Wasmer is a long time Naples, Florida-based entrepreneur who helps pragmatic small business owners manage like a pro. He understands both sides of the business coin and uses his deep experience to bring constant innovation to small businesses. His latest project is focusing on helping small and medium sized service businesses increase revenue, improve efficiency, and drive down costs while improving customer communication and retention.

Ray Dalio Principles

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What is Prodity: Product by Design?

Fascinating conversations with founders, leaders, and experts about product management, artificial intelligence (AI), user experience design, technology, and how we can create the best product experiences for users and our businesses.