The Great Reset

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Is the universe a playset God co-constructs with us, just so we can get to know Him more intimately?

Show Notes

Robby and Ernie discuss:
  • Possible limits to simply hearing and obeying Jesus
  • Whether DBS emphasizes Law (obedience) at the expense of Grace (relationship)
  • Whether there is a "performative" act that constitutes being a Christian (e.g., repentance, communion)
  • The difference between "joining with Jesus in his work" (as servants, focused on productivity) versus "joining with Jesus through His work" (as friends or family, focused on intimacy)
  • How "to seek and save that which is lost" might apply both internally and externally
  • The end of The Great Reset

What is The Great Reset?

Exploring how the Body of Christ should relate after being "reset" by COVID-19. The companion podcast to The Great Reset public discipleship group on YouTube: