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Dr. Purnima Menon joins the PIN Podcast to tell us about her career trajectory and shares advice for students and young professionals in Public Health Nutrition.
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Guest: Dr. Purnima Menon, @PMenonIFPRI;
PhD students, Kripa Rajagopalan, @Kripa_UsRaj;
Elizabeth Centeno Tablante, @CentenoTablante;
Cristina Guitron, @cris_guitron;
Masters student, Nidhi Shreshta, @nidhi__shreshta;
and Postdoc, Dr. Samantha L. Huey, @slhuey;
Cornell University's Division of Nutritional Sciences Program in International Nutrition, @Cornell_PIN!
Editing: Elena Cherchi, @elenacherchicom

As we are releasing the podcast episode with Dr. Purnima Menon, who is based in Delhi, we also wanted to share a few resources for ways that people can help with the ongoing COVID-19 health and humanitarian crisis.

1. Oxygen For India - helping address the lack of oxygen supply by raising money for oxygen cylinders and concentrators that can help hospitalized COVID-19 patients breathe -

2. Echo Network - As a multi-disciplinary platform, the ECHO network is facilitating communication so that your well-meaning support can reach the persons who need it the most. Please note that the Echo network will NOT be receiving any assistance directly. Rather, they will be connecting with relevant State or National authorities depending on the assistance offered, who will then directly coordinate with you further. Please click on the following link to see the list of supplies & support needed and sign up to help:

3. GiveIndia – a fundraising platform which is again raising money depending on the need and you can donate for whichever cause you most connect with (such as donating to boost oxygen supply, donate food to families struggling with hunger in COVID's second wave, give cash support to families of those who died of COVID-19, to name a few) -

4. - list of organizations supporting COVID-19 efforts in India

What is PIN Podcast?

The Program of International Nutrition from Cornell University interviews leaders and rising stars in the field of nutrition and public health.