The Open Source Economist

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In the second part of the three part series, we examine another business model of the open-source software economy: the productized service. Unlike the models to support commercial open-source software, productized services take the need for open-source software to be implemented on behalf of clients, and creates repeatable and scalable ways to do so. In a productized service, the consulting model has been flipped on its head: instead of tailoring the service to the client, we tailor the client to the service. Christie is joined by Joe Howard, the CEO of WPBuffs, a productized services company that focuses on WordPress websites. They discuss the facts, but they also discuss the motivations behind starting a company like this, and running it to sustain values and priorities in life. 

What is The Open Source Economist?

In each episode, Christie Chirinos talks with leaders in and outside technology — including legal and government professionals, business leaders across industries like fashion, sustainability, social justice, and construction, and academia — about the open-source software powering their work. This podcast seeks to document and rigorously examine the phenomenon we all know: technology is changing fast, and we need radical collaboration to make sure we benefit current and future generations.