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In episode eight, we speak to Dayna Fesciuc about her experience living with multiple diagnoses, and the overlap that can occur when having mental health and chronic pain. Dayna’s powerful story speaks to the importance of trying alternative therapies for feeling well, provides great feedback for care providers, and the importance of a patient using their voice and speaking their truth while seeking health care.

Show Notes

CONTENT WARNING: Suicide, Explicit Language

In episode eight, we speak to Dayna Fesciuc, who is an incredible pain advocate, and research and pain partner in Saskatchewan. Dayna has suffered for over a decade from a variety of diagnoses such as complex regional pain syndrome and fibromyalgia. This episodes details some of her personal experiences as she has found ways to start living well.
During the episode, we do delve into some difficult topics such as how mental health, suicide, grief, and negative health care provider and patient interactions can really impact one’s pain management. This may be triggering for some listeners. There is also explicit language mentioned in the last few minutes of the episode.
Dayna speaks to the utmost importance of doing “inner work” – addressing things outside of pure physiological therapies - and how finding a suitable care provider who will actively listen and help meet you where you’re at on your pain journey is essential. Dayna is also a proponent of how alternative therapeutic approaches, like art therapy and a vitamin regime, can be essential on someone’s healing journey.

Dayna’s story is very raw and powerful, she provides - in great detail - what it is like to live in pain every day and the struggles that can accompany that. She stresses the importance of patients learning to: fight for themselves within the health care system, using your voice, and how “taking the reigns” and standing up for oneself while pursuing suitable pain management strategies is an absolute must. The episode is incredibly inspiring, and a must listen for anyone who has felt grief or frustration on a pain journey.
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