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Join Alex and Stacy Kauk, Head of Sustainability for Shopify, to explore what the CDR market is along with the approach that Shopify is taking in supporting carbon dioxide removals. 
Stacy Kauk joined Shopify in January 2020, and as Head of Sustainability, Stacy’s role is to ensure that the millions of businesses and customers using Shopify’s platform are working together in the fight against climate change. 
Stacy talks with Alex about the Shopify Sustainability Fund, and its investments in Carbon Dioxide Removal. You’ll hear about how the fund came into being, how investments are identified and selected and the takeaways from three years of focus on the CDR market. 
You’ll also get the opportunity to learn more about Frontier – the advance market commitment to buy an initial $925M of permanent carbon removal alongside Shopify’s partners, Stripe, Alphabet, Meta and McKinsey Sustainability. 
For companies that are considering CDR, this podcast is a great opportunity to learn from an active investor about how they are approaching their portfolio and also to understand why they are stepping in as an early market participants. You’ll get a sense of how the assess impact of portfolio companies along with the role CDR plays in their overarching sustainability plans. 
Podnotes and Links: 
-          Take a look at Shopify’s Buyers Guide to CDR – includes overviews and sample contracts to help you in your CDR research
-          Connect with Shopify and its mission
-          Learn about Frontier and the advance market commitment to buy an initial $925M of permanent carbon removal
-          Connect with Alex Cameron, Founder of Decarb Connect (and maybe even join a future podcast episode)
-          Learn more about Janno Media, sponsor of the Decarb Connect podcast, and how they could help you connect with your market through podcasts and other content. 
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What is Decarb Connect?

Examining the strategies and deployments around decarbonisation in hard to abate sectors, we speak with CEOs, heads of corporate strategy, CTOs, Innovation/R&D, project directors & heads of carbon management from around the world. Hosted by Alex Cameron of the Decarbonization Leaders Network and Decarb Connect & produced by Janno Media.