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This week, the boys discuss the original ending to El Camino, the trailer for Stephen King adaptation, The Outsider and the latest addition to the Arrowverse, Batwoman.

Show Notes

This week, Swanson, Kiorein and Stairmaster discuss the original planned ending for El Camino and the production delays on the set of Netflix's Cowboy Bebop. Then, the gang watched HBO's latest foray into Stephen King's writings with The Outsider and the particulars of this strange murder mystery. Later, the boys sit down to watch the latest Arrowverse show, Batwoman and try not to be too harsh about the costume. Discussions include: A Cheers-Friends crossover event, Jeffrey Epstein: Batman's Friend, sexually repressed Spider-Man and a literal Sophie's Choice.

What is TV Tuners?

TV Tuners is an entertainment podcast that examines the week in television with wit and excitement. Every week, TV connoisseur and pop culture obsessive, Swanson, brings his best pals, Kiorein and Stairmaster, along for an examination of TV news, trailers and the hottest new shows hitting the air.