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Jonathan Stark talks about getting past the paradox of choice when choosing a focus.

Show Notes

Jonathan Stark covers quite a few topics in this interview:

  • Making a small, safe bet on your new positioning
  • Focus as a way to attract customers
  • Sorting through your broad, varied interests to find a focus
  • Focusing your marketing to achieve resonance with third-party validation
  • How focused blogging led to a book deal, which led to client demand
  • The importance of speaking gigs
  • How your marketing needs to be focused but your work with clients can actually be more diverse
  • The importance of building trust
  • The value of starting small when exploring a new niche
  • How being a specialist helps you find customers more easily

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What is The Consulting Pipeline Podcast?

How do coders become consultants? They specialize, develop a point of view, and market based on their ability to move the needle for clients.

This podcast explores the transition from coder to consultant through interviews with those making and enjoying the results of this transition, and occasional audio essays from your host Philip Morgan.

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