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a nice dusting of REST (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧

Show Notes

Welcome to Remotely Interesting brought to you by Netlify.

People who were remotely interesting:

Who's got a favorite database?
  • Everyone
Structured vs. Unstructured Data
  • our first database experiences (lots of MySQL)
  • learning about databases
  • Jason thinks his brain gets bigger when he learns things
  • Microsoft Excel does everything
  • MongoDB & mongoose the GraphQL
  • It is SQL or SQL
  • Shadow and Bone (putting this here for Phil)
How do you use DBs in a Jamstack architecture?
  • having to do DBs for "real" sites
  • abdicating responsibilities to the experts at a Database as a Service
  • sharding and giggling
  • from limited options & complicated setups to lots of new options
  • decoupling the frontend from the backend
  • via API endpoints & serverless functions, we're standardizing communication
DX & How we choose DBs
  • GraphQL user interface (GraphiQL)
  • on the basis of the API, writing queries, accelerating dev workflow
  • how much do we need to know about the DBs
  • Phil is wise, you're welcome, Phil
  • the dev's comfort level
Who needs the top-tier?
  • you probs aren't going to hit Twitter-scale
  • by the time you outgrow the service, you'll prob. have the money to go bigger
  • dbs aren't that incredibly different
  • ask the company what your next step should be if you hit a limit
  • kicking tires/free tiers are so valuable
What features do we look for?
- a clear, understandable API
- an easy onramp to getting started/getting data
- what am I building & what are the cost implications (rate limits, etc.)
- even really brilliant, smart people like Jason mess up, a story about loops
- having a playground like GraphiQL
- a discussion of GraphQL hesitancy
- Cassidy's professional conclusion, "ehhh"
- Jason talks about depends

Cassidy exhibits her humor mastery and it shines like the sun! 🌤

a resource!
another resource:
a fantastic Phil Supabase resource:

TidBits & ThoughtThings™️
What is the worst form of storage you own?

As always, we hope you find it remotely interesting.


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