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Happy 2019 #InVinoFab friends! Yeah... we’re starting the new year a month late. So be it. Today we chat about everything from digital surveillance, PJs, and our online selves.

Show Notes

Pajamas & Digital Lives... Oh My!
Happy 2019 #InVinoFab friends! Yeah... we’re starting the new year a month late. So be it. Today we chat about everything from digital surveillance, PJ', and our online selves. 

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The host this month is Jess Knott (@jlknott) and the next LIVE chat via Zoom is ... => Tonight! Shenanigans! Click on "Enter Meeting Room" at 8:30 pm Eastern on Thursday, February 7 for the next…
#SGNpjs - the thread about PJs & the clothes we wear

Torchy’s Tacos
Ask for the Secret Menu 

You are what you wear? What did you wear in college/university that might not have been “professional”? What does it mean to dress “professional” if you work online?

LP: Hospital scrubs & Mod Robes were the 1990s uni trend in Canada
Remembering Modrobes: The Canadian Pant That Was the Peak of 90s Rave Fashion

PP: Birkenstocks FTW! And a funky dress style. 

Clothes do not make the woman: what female academics wear is subject to constant scrutiny 
Does it matter what you are wearing? Do you clothes fit your professional role, geographic climate, or the discipline/industry you represent? Share your style with a hashtag on Instagram : #InVinoFab

#InVinoFab Podcast & Book Mentions:
The Surveillance Economy, Episode no. 5 of Mozilla’s IRL Podcast 

Reply All Episode #109: Is Facebook Spying On You? 
How to Avoid Being Tracked by Facebook 

The Age of Surveillance Capitalism by Shoshana Zuboff 
Reputation Economy by Michael Fertik & David C. Thompson 

Digital audit -- have you checked where you log on online in a while? Is it time to sunset a few apps? Are you going to say buh bye to a few social media profiles, apps or accounts? Laura is currently work on this (she’s in week 4 of this digital review/audit process) -- a few ways to find out where you are with your online self through your email accounts: 

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