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Nathan Barry joins me to talk about what's changed in his approach to branding, marketing, and content creation in 2018. (42 minutes.)

Show Notes

For the curious...

On July 2nd, Convertkit announced they'd be rebranding to Seva. So I reached out to talk to Nathan Barry about the process of designing a new brand name in 2018.

Show Highlights

  • 1:30 - Why Nathan changed the name of his company and how Amazon influenced this huge decision.
  • 5:01 - Why Aweber and Constant Contact are going to fail and why Drip's rebrand didn't resonate with current customers.
  • 9:32 - Whether Nathan would blog if he were starting his company today.
  • 17:47 - How to actually promote your content in a smart way that optimizes for the long-term. 
  • 38:43 - How freelancers should think about the problems a CEO of a large-scale business before they pitch them.

What is Freelance?

A podcast about how to be effective at independent remote work featuring companies like Disney, Basecamp, Convertkit, YNAB, and more.