You Must Be Some Kind of Therapist

In their desperation to protect their children from lifelong medicalization, parents of trans-identifying youth are often at risk of losing sleep, jobs, and even marriages. In this episode, I talk with life coach and ROGD parent, StoicMom, about how ROGD parents might save their sanity and develop pathways forward in support of healthy family dynamics. StoicMom presents solutions to parents outlined by her view of stoicism. She encourages parents to see trans-identifying children as life’s invitation for self assessment. She urges parents to present children with optional roadmaps to enter adulthood that provide alternative ways of being to mainstream cultural views. StoicMom encourages listeners to reclaim resilience in the face of struggle and restore deep meaning in life by motivating parents to model the best examples possible for their children. She inspires parents to detach from outcomes as children navigate the muddy, but normal, waters of individuation through adolescence. StoicMom reminds us that life is rich when we accept the invitation it offers us to provide emotional support to our loved ones as they embark on their journey of self discovery. 

StoicMom is a certified life coach using her daughter's trans ID as inspiration to become a better human. By adopting the Stoic principle of "the obstacle is the way," StoicMom transformed this incredibly destabilizing circumstance into an opportunity to create healing and discover wholeness. She now coaches other moms with trans-identified children who are looking to recover solid ground, create inner peace and restore quality of life. StoicMom also offers a private online learning community for growth-oriented, non-affirming parents of trans-identified humans. For more information, visit The StoicMom Project at 

In this episode, StoicMom mentioned two previous podcast episodes. The first was with Sasha Ayad and Stella O’Malley on their program, “Gender: A Wider Lens” where they discussed personal individuation called, “Using Her Child’s Trans Identity for Personal Individuation.” Additionally, on “The StoicMom Project” StoicMom was interviewed by Jessie Mannisto on an episode called, “Perceiving a Higher Path.” Those podcast episodes can be found here:

Gender: A Wider Lens - “Using Her Child’s Trans Identity for Personal Individuation"

Perceiving a Higher Path -Jessie Mannisto interviews StoicMom

I also mentioned my interview with Jessie Mannisto: 13. Jessie Mannisto - Brains and Bravery: Turning Breakdowns into Breakthroughs.
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What is You Must Be Some Kind of Therapist?

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