Big Orange Business

Episode Highlights:

  1. Meet Alfie Rowan:
    • Meet Alfie Rowan, the creative force behind Rowan Hall Interiors.
    • Alfie shares her background, passion for design, and journey into establishing the firm.
  2. Signature Style and Approach:
    • Who is the ideal client for Rowan Hall Interiors?
    • Find out how Alfie and her team determine a design style based on functionality, aesthetics, and the client's personality.
  3. Project Showcase:
    • Alfie gives the ideal scenario and timeline when starting a residential project as well as the different consult options they offer to clients. 
    • Alfie and her team will coordinate with builders, architects and contractors.  
  4. Tips and Tricks:
    • Why have an elevated space? 
    • Alfie shares some simple hacks that anyone can do to elevate their home.  
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Alfie's restaurant recommendations:
Elkmont Station
Connor's Steakhouse
Copper Cellar Marketplace
Goodness to Go

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