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Very few organizations give you the opportunity to get your foundational education, travel the world, and come back to oversee the institution that provided that education. This week's guest is Vice Admiral Sean Buck, the 63rd Superintendent of the United States Naval Academy in Annapolis. He shares his testimonial on what it takes to become a successful Naval officer. 

This foundational education begins with lessons in teamwork during Plebe Summer. Over this 8-week period, these young men and women quickly realize how important teamwork is, and that they will not be able to successfully navigate the Naval Academy’s rigorous demands unless they work together as a cohesive unit. 

As they continue their journey through the Academy, the challenges do not get easier, and the opportunity to learn successful leadership skills and take on more leadership responsibility appears.

Vice Admiral Buck was in the 4th class to graduate from the Naval Academy with women and shares the powerful role his upper-class midshipmen played in his life at the Academy. With his candid and open approach, Vice Admiral Buck addresses critical issues affecting leaders today, from the unique challenges posed by multiple generations, including midshipmen and employees at the Naval Academy, to creating a culture of success that extends beyond organizational boundaries through effective communication and civility. During our interview, he tackles current issues head-on.  

Vice Admiral Buck’s experience and stories resonate regardless of your industry, or the position you are currently in. Prior to reporting to the Superintendent post, Admiral Buck held 5 commands during his Naval career. Admiral Buck is retiring from the Academy after the class of 2023 graduates. He will have 44 years of service in the US Navy. Thank you for your service.

As the title of this episode suggests – these are lessons from the leadership laboratory. To learn more about the US Naval Academy, visit its website:

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