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In this episode we put to the test. We try out their new AI technology for voice calls that can react and respond in near real time by prank calling our local hardware and pet stores.

We also discuss the launch of more AI dedicated hardware in the Rabit r1, the GPT Store now it's finally released with over 3M GPTs, discuss GPT Teams, LUMA, AudioBox and ask, are we in an AI bubble?

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00:00 - Our call to the hardware store
00:30 - Voice Calling with AI
03:04 - Prank Calling a Hardware Store with AI
11:21 - Calling a Pet Grooming Store with AI
18:15 - Thoughts in AI Hardware, Cherry Picked AI Demos & Rabit r1
35:35 - OpenAI Releases GPT Store with 3M GPTs, Cloning Problem & Initial Reactions
45:22 - OpenAI Releases ChatGPT Teams
47:57 - ChatGPT Memory
49:26 - LUMA Genie, The Metaverse & Vision Pro Apps
55:05 - The AI Jailbreak Problem & Rethinking Persuasion to Challenge AI Safety by Humanizing LLMs
1:00:52 - Meta AudioBox
1:03:38 - Microsoft Overtakes Apple as Most Valuable Company - Is it because of AI? And is AI a Bubble?


What is This Day in AI Podcast?

This Day in AI Podcast is a podcast all about AI. It's an hour-long conversation on the influence and rise of AI in technology and society. Hosted by Michael and Chris Sharkey.