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Peter Callstrom is the President and CEO of the San Diego Workforce Partnership (SDWP), the local Workforce Development Board for the City and County of San Diego. In early 2019, SDWP launched the first-of-its-kind Workforce Income Share Agreement (ISA) Fund. Capitalized with over $3M from initial philanthropic donations, the fund pays for post-secondary skills training in priority occupations.

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Income Share Agreements --- Workforce Development --- Non-Profit Innovation


What happens when a Workforce Board thinks beyond its limited government resources to find new ways of supporting local students and workers?

Today, a conversation with Peter Callstrom. Peter is the President and CEO of the San Diego Workforce Partnership (SDWP), the local Workforce Development Board for the City and County of San Diego. 

SDWP funds and delivers programs that empower job seekers to meet the current and future workforce needs of employers in San Diego County. Together with community partners, the Workforce Partnership provides targeted employment services designed to help eligible adult job seekers identify, or regain, a career that will promote their success.

In 2019 the Workforce Partnership began offering 9–12-month UC San Diego Extension certificate programs through the Workforce Income Share Agreement (ISA) Fund. Students receive training in Front-End Web Development and Business Intelligence, and the Workforce Partnership provides job placement, internship, mentorship and other support to help students land a job in fast-growing technology occupations.

The program costs nothing upfront. Instead, students who graduate and get a job making above $40,000 will pay 6–8% of their salary for a set period of time back into the Workforce ISA Fund. The Fund re-invests the money in ISAs for new students. The Fund is supported by the James Irvine Foundation,, and Strada Education Network. 

Where to learn more about the San Diego Workforce Partnership and their Partners:

San Diego Workforce Partnership:
Workforce ISA Fund:
The James Irvine Foundation:
Strada Education Network:


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