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Jae Jin has experienced firsthand what it's like to be told he may only have a few months left to live. And the reality of death looming over you can have a profound effect to reflect on what it means to truly live. 

Today, Jae Jin is a two-time cancer survivor who is also now an award winning musician that has impacted the hearts of millions of listeners.  He uses his voice to continue inspiring and empowering others to live life fully. 

If you've been curious about how to find your own unique purpose, then be sure to listen in on Jae Jin's story as he shares how he gained clarity on his life mission and how he uses his talents to provide great value for others.

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What is The Neurohacking Podcast?

Join Dr. Eugene K. Choi Pharm. D as he shares with you how to use brain science to dramatically improve performance, innovate dynamic solutions, and achieve your goals.