Course Lab: Lessons from Successful Online Course Creators

With a focus on facilitating lasting transformation, Melanie Benson is not one to play by the rules. She shares how integrating creativity and intuition with a ‘facts and data’ approach has produced fulfilling and profitable outcomes for her clients.

Show Notes

Melanie Benson is an Authority Amplifier, Revenue Strategist, and Money Mindset Coach with over 20 years of experience. She works with expert entrepreneurs to transform their wisdom into wealth through powerful mindset shifts that generate a consistent supply of clients and opportunities.

In this episode, Danny, Abe, and Melanie discuss how throwing out the blueprints and creating your own approach can lead to more long-term transformation for your clients.

In this episode we discuss:
  • How coaches and course creators can create offers that appeal to their passions rather than working with the trends
  • How Melanie designed her signature system - The Guest Expert System 
  • The benefits of a hands-on approach in facilitating transformation for students
  • How student preparation increases the value they receive from your material 
  • The role that course structure plays in your student’s progress
  • Why it is crucial as coaches and course creators to be receptive to input from those you serve
  • Danny and Abe’s debrief

“I'm not afraid to push back and challenge people and take them into a deeper sense of clarity and getting what they need, even if it means it's an awkward conversation.”
– Melanie Benson

Melanie Benson is an Authority Amplifier, Revenue Strategist and Money Mindset Coach who works closely with experts who are building successful businesses around their expertise. With more than 12 years of experience in corporate America and 21 years as an entrepreneur and coach, Melanie specializes in transforming wisdom into wealth through powerful mindset shifts, influence-boosting strategies and aligned visibility that generates an endless supply of clients and opportunities.

     She holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Management and a Master’s Degree in Organizational Management, multiple advanced certifications in Project Management, Results Coaching, Neuro-Linguistic Programming and even a license as a Spiritual Counselor. She combines her traditional education with her spiritual practices to get her clients past their obstacles and have a profitable and fulfilling impact on the world.

     Melanie is also the host of Amplify Your Success Podcast and a founding board member of the Women Speaker's Association. She speaks for many entrepreneurial audiences across the globe both live and virtually via webinars and telephone-based seminars; has been a regularly featured expert on radio shows and in media publications.

     Melanie lives just outside of the Los Angeles area with her husband and bonus children and she practices her hobby of being a gourmet paleo chef. As an avid lifestyle enthusiast, she spends her free time in search of the best spas and beaches in the world.

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