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Tim Kraska is an MIT professor who is now the CEO of Einblick, a next-generation data analytics company based on research he and a team developed at MIT and Brown University. I sat down with Tim to learn more about the process of converting research from academia for commercial purposes and what that journey has been like for him and his team.

Show Notes

Back history of Einblick
  • [1:28] - Your journey from professor to entrepreneurship
  • [6:45] - At what point in your research did you feel you can commercialize your IP. What was the trigger for starting the company?
  • [8:44] - What does Einblick’s product do?  What need is it full filling in the market today?

Process of commercializing academic research
  • [14:47] - How did you go about taking research from your academic field to commercialization?  What was the process like?
  • [17:55] - What should other entrepreneurs using research from their time at academia be mindful of?  What advice would you give them?
  • [21:53] - What is the timeline for taking academic research and setting up a business to exploit it commercially?

Future plans
  • [25:58] - Future plans for Einblick
  • [27:40] - How did you structure equity for your team?
  • [29:48] - What are your personal goals? Do you think you will go back to academia?


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