The Art of Bombing

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In episode 211, Dan talks with Senthil Rajasekharan (Fargo Comedy Festival, The Great Spirit Comedy Festival) about meeting the moment and always being prepared.

Show Notes

Episode 211: Meeting the moment! In this episode, Dan is joined by Minneapolis-based comedian Senthil Rajasekharan (Fargo Comedy Festival, The Great Spirit Comedy Festival). Senthil shares an incredible story about performing for the first time at the Comedy Store in Los Angeles and bombing as a host in a club in Wisconsin. Dan and Senthil talk about Comedy Store Lore, comedy consumption, first impressions, and always being prepared to perform. Plus more! Please rate and review.

Senthil Rajasekharan

Senthil Rajasekharan is a standup comedian who started doing comedy in Minneapolis/St. Paul in 2010.  Senthil performs at clubs, bars, and other top venues across the Midwest including Goonie’s Comedy Club, Royal Comedy Theater, Sisyphus Brewing, and many more.
He also performs at popular comedy festivals and was recently a featured performer at the 1st Fargo Comedy Festival and The Great Spirit Comedy Festival.  He has already been fortunate to open for nationally touring headliners such as Jim Florentine (The Metal Show, Crank Yankers), Tim Harmston (Letterman), and Steve Gillespie (Conan). Senthil also works as a software engineer by day but no, he won’t fix your computer.  He will tell you some hilarious jokes, however, so don’t miss your chance to see this rising star on a stage near you.

Art of Bombing: 

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What is The Art of Bombing?

Have you ever wondered what goes through a comedian’s mind when they tell a joke that doesn’t work? Whether you’re an aspiring comedian or a hardcore comedy nerd, The Art of Bombing Podcast has something for everyone. From useful comedy insight to entertaining stories of bombing and failure told by the comedians that lived through them. Join comedian Dan Bublitz Jr as he sits down with comedians of all levels from across the country to discuss what can be learned from ugly shows on the road. The Art of Bombing Podcast takes an in-depth look at bombing on stages around the world to turn failure into success, perhaps, with a laugh or two along the way.